Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Something funny about me.... I love to buy cleaning products! Notice I  did not say I love using them?  Just buying them. Whenever a new product comes out, I have to have it!! Well, this is my latest find.  It's called Holy Cow, it only cost $2.00 at walmart, it's all natural organic, and it's PINK.  Let's be honest, I am very susceptible to advertising, so the cute bottle is what sold me.  As it turns out, not a bad product.  My kitchen is sparkling.... don't get used to it!


  1. You have major issues...

    I think this has been around for a little while. You need to keep up with the current and "cool" cleaning products!

  2. My friends dad owns that company... too funny!

  3. Cute pictures!!! I love the Christmas card. We have a blog but it is private. What is your e-mail address and I will send you an invite. Mine is

    How have you been doing?