Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in the middle of the night

I was fortunate enough last night to have my 6 year old daughter, Makayla, wake me up some where around the 2:00 time period.  Why you may ask?  Let's just get right to that.... 
"Mom. I'm scared to go back to bed."  
"Why Makayla?" 
"Because there's some one in our house."  
"What!  Why do you think there is some one in our house?"  
"Because, some one farted in my room." 
"Some one farted in my room, and it wasn't me!  Really, I heard it."   
"Makayla, go back to bed.  Now!"

he ate what??

This next blog entry is truly news worthy!!!!!  For those who don't know, my almost 3 year old son Gavin does not eat what I like to call "people food."  He lives on yogurt and cold cereal.  Once a month, maybe a piece of fruit.  Sometimes pretzels, graham crackers, or gold fish, but THAT IS IT! He's never had meat,  or bread, and vegetables only a few times when he was a baby.  His eating habits seriously suck!!  And believe me, I have done everything I can think of to get him to eat, but he won't even give food a try. Until last night that is.  In a strange turn of events, Gavin sat down to the plate of food I served him, (I always give him a plate "just in case") and............ wait for it................. he ate chicken!!  He ate chicken I said!!!  It was completely unexpected, uncoerced, and made my entire week!  Not only did he eat the pieces I cut up for him, but he wanted a whole piece for himself, just like a good little carnivore.  Um, yes I got pictures.  This was most definitely an event I want documented!  I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief, my son is capable of eating like a human being.  Fingers crossed for our next meal, lets hope he doesn't forget how great it was!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jumping Jacks

I am trying to work out lately, eat right, and all that good stuff, since summer and all that it has to offer (namely swim suits) seems to be in my very near future.  Oh winter laziness, comfort food, and layered clothing, you were not kind to my....... *ahem*.  This brings us to last night.  My day was very busy, Target, working in Makayla's class, doctor appointment, Target again.  I had no time to burn any of the those pesky calories waiting to turn into fat cells and subsequently dimples on my rear.  I read online that doing about 780 jumping jacks should burn 100 calories.  I was up for the challenge.  I tucked my kiddos in bed for the night, turned on the Kardashians, and started the jumping.  The first 50 flew by.  The second 50, well I wouldn't say they flew, but they did leave me with this incredible feeling that I may indeed pee my pants at any moment.  Took a bathroom break.  Started jumping.  Had to pee.  Almost peed.  Squeezed to hold in my pee so hard I am now doing kegals with my jumping  jacks. ( 2 birds 1 stone right?) Arms are sore, thighs are sore, (witch I love because that means they are getting worked), calves are hurting.  Uh-oh, calves are getting tight.... seizing.... cramping..... I think 300 jumping jacks is plenty.  At least it felt like I burned a million calories!   We'll just pretend I did.  Tomorrow, back to walking, that doesn't make me have to pee my pants!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Santa Cruz

On Saturday we were able to spend the day in Santa Cruz with Mike and Melissa Parker (that was weird to write), and no kids!!  I was afraid I wouldn't be able to go since I was sick the day before, but I made a miraculous recovery.  I guess the beach will do that to a person.

 We started our day in Capitola,  my most favorite place to be.  And a trip to Capitola would not be complete without shopping at Panache.  It's a local lotion and body store for those who aren't fortunate enough to know.  I stocked up on my fav, vanilla mango tango, and the boys even found something they enjoyed.  It's called Man Hands, pretty much just your average exfoliating scrub, but its the "manly" name that sold them.  Jason's new favorite phrase.... "feel how soft."  Sure babe, very "manly!"
The all day ride pass for the boardwalk..... now there's a story.  How is it that my husband always seems to be singled out as the one most likely to; buy a $30 all day ride pass for $10 from some shady character covered in who knows why tatoos behind a building  in cash only and watch out because there's a security guard watching.  Needless to say, we got a dang good deal and had a ton of fun.  Once we were sure we weren't being followed. :)

ummm, fighting while on the swing ride?? Your guess is as good as mine.  I think they might still be 12.

Oh the Shadowbrook restaurant.  If you have never been, go!  It's the most beautiful restaurant, and the food is always awesome. We go when ever we are in Capitola, usually covered in sun and sand, while the other dinners obviously got dressed for the occasion.   And no, the order of my pictures is not off.  We went to Capitola, the boardwalk, then back to Capitola.  What can I say, when there are no kids with us I tend to do crazy things. (ooh, so crazy)  Our day was so fun that we decided not to end it until 2:00 the next morning.... needless to say, Sunday was most definitely a nap day!

Friday, April 24, 2009


So, we may not be so glamorous, live in New York, or have every line of our lives scripted out out for us, but I have to admit...... I have some pretty amazing friends!!!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It just makes sense... right?

When my kids are hungry we go to the kitchen, get some food, and they eat it.  The result? Not hungry any more.  When they are bored, I send them to get a toy.  When they are tired, they go to bed.  When Gavin has to go pee I tell him to go to the bathroom..... no Gavin, not in your underwear, I said to the bathroom... no Gavin, not on the tile, go to the toilet.  No Gavin, that's not the toilet that's the lawn.... seriously?!! I hate potty training!!!  I feel like I'm being "punk'd" with this whole process.  It's really not that complex.  I'm not asking the 2 year old to perform brain surgery, just simply walk to the bathroom and sit on the toilet when you've got to go.  It makes sense to me!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is my friend, (well my friends sister... but I love ya too Kimmy) on the news this morning.  She did a great job, and LUSH is an amazing store!!

Earth Day go hug a tree!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can see your horns.....

This picture should have been my first clue.  Gavin, who had just turned 2, decided to go into the fridge and get a drink for him self.  But not milk or apple juice like most other toddlers, he was headed for the good stuff, chocolate syrup... straight from the bottle!  Of coarse I found the whole situation kind of funny and got some pictures.  I mean, lets be honest, who doesn't want to suck down a bottle of chocolate every now and again.  Unfortunately I am laughing no longer.  In the past week, and I am talking every day this week, Gavin has managed to get is hands into the following: Vaseline, globs of it all over the carpet, clothes, my full length mirror, and himself.  Chapstick, broken up all over the carpet, and drawn with all over the sliding glass door.  KY, (lol) in his hair, on his whole body, again on the mirror, on my dresser, and smeared all over my black satin comforter.  Cool whip, hair, body, face, carpet, and tile.  A&D ointment, on the binky, and all over him. (this one was especially nice, as it was at 4:30 IN THE MORNING!)  That same night, as I went to bed, I found 8-9 hershey kiss wrappers in the hallway.  Sunscreen spray, well, my walls and tile won't be getting burned any time soon.  And this brings us to today....  Gavin does not like the cookie part of an ice cream sandwich, so I usually take it off for him.. I suppose he felt confident that he could do it himself.  Not so much!!!  Now he has ice cream sandwich on him, the tile, two different counters, and the cupboards.  Need less to say, it's been a messy week!  Were did my sweet angel of  baby boy go? Apparently, for the time being, he has left the building! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The first thing we do on Easter morning is "hunt" for Easter baskets. (the easter bunny hides them when he comes at night) The kids found them super fast this year, so I think the Easter Bunny is going to have to start getting a little more creative.

Since we have early church this year, and we hunt real eggs, the Easter bunny was cool enough to come back during church and hide the eggs.  That way they don't spoil over night.  What a cool bunny!!  Very smart! (not to mention, talented, funny, good looking...... you get the point) So we did our hunt, took some pictures in our Easter clothes, and got to cookin.  My family joined us for Easter dinner this year, and it was YUMMY!  I'm ready for some turkey and stuffing though..... is it thanksgiving yet??

Easter eggs

I am definitely a fan of holiday traditions, and dying Easter eggs is no exception.  The kids had a great time, this was Gavin's first year to try his hand at it, and they all came out beautiful!  Note to parents..... do not buy the glitter kit!  Let me just tell you, the idea of colorful eggs covered in sparkles may sound appealing, but the stuff is far from great.  Not only does it mess up the egg dying you just did, there's glopping, and running, and a whole lot of other nonsense. Get the point?  The glitter free ones..... more my style!


For Makayla's birthday in March we decided to go to Disneyland.  She's been able to spend her last 3 birthdays there, and who am I to mess with tradition?....
Our first stop was Disney's Soda Fountain shop  on Hollywood blvd.  We had the yummiest ice cream ever!!! (Makes you kinda want to lick the screen right?)

This is the first time my parents were able to come with us, and they had a blast.  Every time I turned around they had bought something new for Makayla. (tiara, churro, ice cream, camera, candy, and other things I'm forgetting) Makayla loved being spoiled... but hey, who doesn't?Part of Makayla's birthday present (because being at disneyland isn't enough) was going to build-a-bear workshop.  She loves that place, and the one in downtown disney is 2 stories and amazing!!!  Not to mention our friend Mercedes works there and gives us a sweet hook-up!  Makayla made the cutest pink unicorn, which happened to have just come out on her birthday.
At build-a-bear Makayla was also able to have the whole store sing her Happy Birthday.  She was so excited!!

Makayla had requested Rainforest cafe for dinner, and who could say no to that yummy lava cake explosion thing!!
Gavin loves Handy Manny.  Can you tell??
Gavin had fun taking pictures with me while Makayla went on Tower of Terror with Jason for the first time.  That's right, brave little girl went on tower of terror.... but never again!
We rode the monorail so many times this trip.  I'm not sure why, we just used it to get around a lot.

So, Disneyland was a blast like always!  I can't wait to back for Halloween time, It's my favorite!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pink Party

Makayla had her 6th birthday party at our house on Friday March 13th.  The theme.... Pink!  The invitations were pink, The decorations were pink, all the treats and cake were pink, her friends even wore pink.  (Any guesses as to what Makayla's favorite is??)  We had a great time!  Nine girls were here for pizza, movie, and lots and lots of playing.  At the end of the party, after putting on the makeup Makayla got for a gift, the girls put on a "fashion show."  (I was at the end of the runway taking pictures.)  All in all, a fun night, and very easy going.  No stress, just how I like it!