Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in the middle of the night

I was fortunate enough last night to have my 6 year old daughter, Makayla, wake me up some where around the 2:00 time period.  Why you may ask?  Let's just get right to that.... 
"Mom. I'm scared to go back to bed."  
"Why Makayla?" 
"Because there's some one in our house."  
"What!  Why do you think there is some one in our house?"  
"Because, some one farted in my room." 
"Some one farted in my room, and it wasn't me!  Really, I heard it."   
"Makayla, go back to bed.  Now!"


  1. I had to read this out loud to Wesley. We both just cracked up. I could barely read it aloud cause I was laughing so hard. Hilarious!!

  2. HAHA! Oh my gosh! HA! That is so great! The case of the "phantom farter"! Ha!

  3. I know exactly how she feels. That brazen fart baron is crackin' em all up and down the west coast.