Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas.....

....... are my two front teeth!!!!

Passing the blame.... and a little something else

So as I perused the isles of walmart yesterday, I came across this quit awkward/gross encounter. Now I live in Stockton Ca, I don't think I have to really explain to you the "walmart cliental" to much. Just try and use your imagination. So here I am, headed straight for an isle where a, lets say larger gentleman not very concerned with appearance or hygiene, is walking with his teenage son and infant baby in the cart. As I close in on them, disheveled W.T. father shouts to son (who is now out of listening range), "Baby's got gas today." It's to late for me, I'm a gonner. I am now standing where said gassy baby just was, and let me tell you, little baby's with their stomaches full of nothing but milk DO NOT smell like that. Ewe, ewe gross! I about died! Now, I must admit, I am not perfect. (shocker, I know) I have once or twice been known to blame my child for some rather embarrassing moments. But never, I mean never, have I smelled like slim jims and cheese...... Oh, and merry Christmas !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday

Christmas sunday already? That means Christmas is only a few days away..... what the heck am I doing on the computer? I've got stuff to do man..........

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Party

Makayla had a "winter party" (winter, because there are a couple of kids who don't celebrate Christmas) today at school, and I was able to go and help out. They had lot's of fun singing Christmas songs with their music teacher, piano solos from a couple of the kids who take lessons, Christmas stories, yummy goodies, and Christmas crafts.... (sounds like a CHRISTMAS party to me, but whatever). After lunch, Makayla was able to hand out the treats we had made for her friends the night before. She even decided not to go home early with me so that she could hand them out personally, instead of putting them in the kid's cubbies. Me? I would of chosen to leave school early.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's Magic Potion

Tonight Makayla and I put together Christmas gifts for her classmates. We put a packet of hot cocoa, a peppermint stick, and a hershey kiss together in a little bag. The note on the front read " Santa's Magic Potion. Pour this cocoa in a mug. And with hot water mix: Then drop in the magic Kiss. And stir with the candy stick! From, Makayla." (by the way, I totally just typed that for memory) She is combined throughout the day with another first grade class, so we made 44 in all. She can't wait to pass them out at her class party tomorrow!

5 months in 5 minutes (more or less)

So, some may wonder, "What ever happened to that nice Casper family? They had such wonderful blog entries. Full of wit and charm, not to mention those cute kids...." Well I'm here to say, wonder no longer, cause I'm back!! (For tonight anyway) My have the summer and fall been busy. I would love to spend hours on end catching up on all the wonderful things I have done, seen, and photographed, but lets face it, I'm just not that into it!!! So, how about a list? I'll use bullets and every thing..... here we go

*Drove to Utah with Makayla, my friend Emily and her two kids.
- Visited my sis, Karen in Logan
- Fireworks, dinosaur park, four wheeling, shopping, Ice age 3, twine huts, swimming, fishing, gellato, horse back riding, hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs!
- Visited Christianne Casper (Jason's cousins wife... got it?)
- Movies in the theater room, way too much popcorn, glitter toes, laying out, permanent eyeliner done in front of a whole class.
*New Kids on the Block concert with Misty!!!! (and yes it rocked!!!)
*New Malones Lake for 5 days with the Collumbers. (lazy days on the boat, now that's a vacation!)
*Disneyland. Got home just in time for the next one on our list.....
*Makayla's first day of first grade. Yay for full days of school now!

*Jason and his BFF Kurt ran a 50 mile race! And they survived!!!!
*Lots of boating!!

*Rainbow Pools. Heck yes I jumped off that ginormous rock into the water!
*Gavin's first day of pre school. Awww, he's such a big boy now.
*Girls weekend in Tahoe!!!!!!
-Shopping at Galleria, s'mores at the village, snobby pilots, bike riding along the Truckee river, lots and lots of ice cream, tons of laughing, million dollar pizza, and maybe a little bit of gossip....
*Makayla starts soccer.

*Disneyland. Love Halloween time there! (and any other time for that matter)
*Grandama Bergstrom's 90th birthday/ reunion.
-Wicked in S.F. with the girls, Karen here, family pictures, John's Incredible Pizza co., everyone at my place for Sunday dinner..... that's right, all 40 people at my lil casa, Apple Hill.
*Carving pumpkins, painting pumpkins, going to the pumpkin patch, (basically all things pumpkiny)
*Halloween (I will post pictures of my Corpse Bride and Dash shortly...... or not)

*Decorating the Christmas trees at the car Wash.
*Won a trip to the Thunder hockey game, dropped the puck, and Makayla rode on the zambonie. (such a fun word to say)
*Saw Twilight New Moon at midnight with a group of friends all pretending we were 17 again.... late nights just aren't the same when you're almost 30 and own 2 small children.
*Gobble Gobble.... turkey day
*Jason's 10 year high school reunion and my high school reunion.... it seems like just yesterday that I was skipping class, doing cheers, and forging my parents signature. Has it been 10 years already???

*Disneyland (don't act surprised when you read that, you had to see it coming.....)
*Jason's 29th b-day

And here we are. The middle of December. Probably the most busy I've been all year and I decide now would be a good idea to sit down and do some blogging. I hope no one fell asleep in the middle of this monstrous post, I nodded off only twice.... but I'm awake now and on a roll. Three cheers for blogging leading to the neglect of my children, husband, and home.

Friday, October 9, 2009

blog shmog

So there was this time when I was posting a new blog entry every day. I was on a roll..... that roll stopped after about a week. I guess I wasn't as committed as I thought. We are alive and well here in the Casper house hold how ever. Headed out to Disneyland in just a few, and just maybe my vacation will give me some inspiration for future blog posts..... but then again, I'm willing to bet the only thing I will be getting out of this vacation is a whole lot of laundry.

till next time my friends

Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny Story....

Makayla, who is just finishing her first week back to school says to me last night,

"I don't want to go to school any more. It's boring, I already know everything."

As a mother, I felt the best way to handle a situation like this was to throw out a question, easy enough for me to know the answer to, but maybe a little difficult for the six year old "genious".

"Okay Makayla, how many states are there in the United States of America?"


She answered so fast! Now I'm concerned. Is it 50? 52? 51? Why do I always forget this one? I'm pretty confident it's 50.... moving on.

"Well Makayla, what do you want to be when you grow up? Every thing in life requires a bit more than a kindergarten education. (even Mcdonalds, but just barely)"

"I want to be a teacher."

A teacher? Seriously? This coming from the girl who is tired of school, now she wants to go to school for ever!?

"How are you going to teach your students Makayla, if YOU haven't gone to school?"

I've got her there right? WRONG.....

"I want to be a kindergarten teacher. I already know all that stuff."

I'm not sure what more can be said at this point.... her argument is fair. I get up to leave the room with one last thing to say,

"You're going to school tomorrow."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A busy June

June came and went with so many activities and not so much blogging. My plan? Let's just highlight some of the big ones and move on with our lives. Sound good?

On June 12th Gavin, my sweet baby, turned three. He has since informed me that he is NOT a baby, he is BIG! We spent the day hanging out around the house and singing Happy Birthday almost every hour. That night we went to John's Incredible Pizza Company for dinner, and then home for presents and cupcakes. The cupcakes from WalMart pretty much take the cake ( lame joke right?) We Love them!!

Next was Makayla's dance recital. She had a Friday night show and a Saturday morning show. I love watching all the dancers! They are so talented, and the little dancers are way to cute for words. I think in a past life I must have been a dancer, since I leap, twirl, shuffle, and basically bust a move around my house all day! (embarrassing right?) I also loved Makayla's costume! Hot Pink? What's not to love!!

Directly after Makayla's recital on Saturday, we had family and a couple of friends over to celebrate Gavin's birthday. It was a good time, with no stress. (That part was amazing, since I tend to stress over just about every thing. I may have a heart attack before I'm 30.) Taco salad, Yum! Water balloons, and an indestructible pinata, awesome! Homemade cupcakes, some words of wisdom..... If you put 2 tablespoons instead of 2 teaspoons of vanilla in the frosting it will taste amazeing!!! However, it will also be a murky tanish color. Frosting whitener will help, but not much. And massive amounts of red food coloring will only turn the frosting a dark pink kind of color. End result? Sort of pink cupcakes at a boys birthday party....... but they tasted stellar. Personally, that's all that matters.

If I was a dancer in a past life, then my kids were definitely fish. Good luck getting them out of the water! I thought it was time for Gavin to have swim lessons, and he couldn't be more excited about "having to" swim. He loves Miss Janie, his swim and Makayla's dance teacher, and did really well. (Even with her making him swim completely under water, which, by the way, was not his favorite.) I have a feeling by the end of the summer he will be swimming all on his own. Michael Phelps better watch out!
There it is, our June in a nut shell. July.... Here I come!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So funny.....

.........And so true. Why just the other day I found myself using this same type of "screwdriver" to open up and change the batteries in one of Makayla's toys. Non-tools are so much more handy. If you only knew the things I used my teeth for.............

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm reaching for the xanax.....

I having blogging anxiety!!! It has been so long since I have done it, and I have so much to blog about..... Birthdays, recitals, party's, personal war stories. Well, maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. So, as soon as I can get the pains in my chest to stop every time I look at a blog, I will be back in full swing.

P.S. No one was injured in the writing of this blog entry. I think we're off to a good start.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yay Me.......

Yes I totally stole my title from London on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and no I don't care...... Because I went shopping the other day, and had to buy a size smaller in pants!!!!!
Super yay me!!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Silly me. I was under the impression that band-aids were meant to help owies, not create them! On both Makayla and Gavin, at the same time, the band-aid tattoos they were wearing were practically burned into their skin. On Gavin, he even got a bad rash that lasted over a week! Just a warning to all you mommies, it sad when your kid cries over what was supposed to make them better.

Chicken, Chicken

Look closely and read the sign. Juan Pollo Chicken. I wonder, does Juan realize that Pollo is spanish for chicken? Or do you suppose he meant to name his restaurant Juan Chicken Chicken? Hmmmmm.....

ooh, the spontaneity

On thursday Jason says to me, "We should do something together as a family on Saturday." I think for a minute, "How about going to Disneyland?" There was no reply on his part needed. In less than an hour the hotel was booked and the packing began. We hit the road 2 days later. We used the excuse, Makayla just graduated kindergarten (worth celebrating), and Gavin's birthday is in less than 2 weeks (also worth celebrating). But really, Jason and I are just big kids who love running around the same streets as Mickey Mouse. We had a great time!!!!! But how could we have a bad time? Do the words "Happiest place on Earth" ring any bells?

Last day of School

I know, I know, I'm a couple of weeks behind. But I am trying to catch up...... Friday May 29th was Makayla's last day of kindergarten. And I have to say, I was a little sad about that. I was all excited and eager for her to start, but now that it's over, I am feeling a little unsure about this growing up thing. She's on to full days of school, playing on the "big kid" play ground, and homework every night. I know everyone says it, but man how time flies......
On her last day of school, all the kindergarten classes walked to the park for a pizza party and playground fun!! I was able to stop by with Gavin, who wanted no part of me, but instead ran around with Makayla's classmates. I guess he thinks he's ready for kindergarten.
Makayla and her two best friends from class, Haley and Isabella.
Makayla had fun putting the "treats" we had made for her friends into their cubby's.
It's official. Makayla is a kindergarten graduate, diploma and all! Unfortunately they did not have any type of ceremony, I remember my kinder graduation so well. I guess I'll have to wait a few more years for that.
I am so happy with the school Makayla is attending. I know she will have a great time there as a first grader, even though everyday she tells me how she wishes she was still in kindergarten. (no worries, she did the same thing this year about preschool)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fortune Cookies

I had this wonderful last day of school gift idea for Makayla's teacher.  The plan was to make fortune cookies dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, and have them in a chinese food to-go box.  I found these great books online, the first was a children's book, for the classroom, called fortune cookie fortunes, the second a little book full of different fortunes for the teacher.  Next, put it all into a basket with a clever little tag saying "I was so fortune-ate to have you as my teacher". Great idea right?  Un"fortune"ately, my free shipping coupon was only good during the memorial day holiday weekend, and the books I had hoped would arrive on thurs. (the day before the last day of school), actually didn't make an appearance until friday around 3 or 4:00. After school, and too late.  So instead of a basket full of all these wonderful ideas, she received the cookies in a to-go box, and Misty even made a cute little tag with a fortune cookie on it.  I was a little disappointed at first, but it was fun making the cookies with Misty, and I'm sure her teacher was just happy it was the last day of school, books or no books.

Welcome to boating season!!

Well, boating season is now upon us.  There is nothing better than a day with the family out on the water, eating pb&j sandwiches (family tradition... wonder where that one started? Stef?), soaking up the sun, and being as lazy as possible!
So, out on the Delta there is this huge, what used to be a ferry, all rusted and busted up.  I like to refer to it as the "ghost ship".  It is kind of creepy, with broken glass windows and plastic curtains blowing in the air.  

Now, a boys life just wouldn't be complete without exploring every floating hunk of junk they came across out on the water.  So, yes, with shoes held high above their heads, Jason and his friend Kurt swam over and took a look inside.  I only hoped everyone was up to date on their tetanus shots.
They look pretty tiny up on top of that boat.... told you it was huge!
After all the "fun", we headed to Garlic Brothers for dinner... yum!!  Another favorite tradition! Oh, and just a warning to all of you out there in blogger land.... this is sure to be the first of many boating blog entries this summer.  Hey, it's what we do.

Thank You Gift

I can't say it enough, but I loved Makayla's kindergarten teacher Mrs. Roberts.  She was so great, and Makayla is very sad she won't be with her next year.  As a thank you gift for helping out in the classroom this year she had all the kids draw a self portrait with their name and had a notepad made.  It is so cute I don't even want to use it!!  I love seeing all the little names and how they think they look.  What a sweet gift idea, and thank you!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friday's Find... a day late

I love that Regal Cinema does their Free Family Film Festival every summer.  They show G and PG movies for, as stated in the name, FREE, starting June thru August, every Tues. and Wed. at 10:00 a.m.  The best part, the theater is full of kids and nobody paid a thing, so it's no big deal if your 2 year old runs around like a sugar hyped crazy person. (not that mine would ever do such a thing)  So go and enjoy!  I noticed ours was playing several movies I wanted to see, so it's for everyone, not just the kiddos.  You can check the schedule for your area at,
Happy summer and movie watching!!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

what a "TREAT"

On my way home from picking Makayla up at school today it donned on me, tomorrow is her last day of kindergarten, and I had completely forgot to make gifts for the kids in her class.  I had something totally elaborate planned, but now found my self with not a lot of time or desire for such an adventure.  The alternative?  A quick trip to Target, rice krispie treats on sale, ribbon from the dollar section, and a catchy quote.  Tada!  Done in less than an hour, and hello, who doesn't love rice krispie treats?  Makayla had fun stuffing them into the goodie bags and signing her name on the back of the note.  You know, if you wait until the last minute to do something, it only takes a minute! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You had to see it to believe it! (and I saw it)

I awoke Saturday morning with visions of flip flops dancing in my head.  Only a dollar, and every one could buy 5 pairs.  That meant with Makayla, we would be bringing home 10 pairs.  This time I wanted color, as opposed to my usual black and brown.  I was thinking greens, blues, teals, maybe a red or hot pink.  I hopped out of bed, showered and dressed both my kids in record time.  My friend Emily called at 9:00 letting me know that there was already a long line at Old Navy, and to hurry up.  I raced down Pacific ave. not hitting a single red light, if this wasn't a sign of something meant to be, I don't know what is.  Parking lot, not too bad, considering the mall didn't open for another 45 minutes.  We scrambled into the stroller, and moved our little legs as quick as we could to get into the mall.  We rounded the corner, and WOW! so very many people crowded around one small store. (Emily's telling me about a "long line" was more than an understatement)  I found Emily, and we waited...... The security guard came over and warned that if anyone pushed, shoved, or ran, they would immediately be escorted out.  I am sad to say that the 60 year old mall cop did not give me the sense of protection from being trampled one would hope for in a situation like this.  At two minutes to 10, a very thin, nervous looking, young sales associate rolled up the big old navy gate.  And all (you know what) broke loose!  Emily held on tight to Makayla, and I held on tight to the stroller, as we attempted to enter the store.  I have not been that squished, pushed, stepped on, or covered in other peoples sweat, since I was in the mosh pot at a Limp Bizkit concert.  It was unreal.  Remember, we're talking about flip flops here.....  I kind of made my way to the center of the store where the flip flops were, but only caught a glimpse of all the pretty colors as they disappeared in seconds!  The only thing louder than the shouting was the clanking of the metal display racks, being destroyed and falling to the ground.  I saw two men fist fighting (over flip flops?), a pregnant woman being helped out and in tears from being elbowed very hard in her stomach, flip flops literally flying 15 feet in the air in all directions, and sadly a 3 year old boy was trampled and his leg broken.  I wonder, did some of these people think that their $1.00 flip flops would go up in value, like this was some sort of investment?  Or maybe, sporting some red Old Navy flip flops would earn them some sort of street cred.?  I don't know what the thinking was, but I just sat back and watched.  (mind you, I live in Stockton, so imagine for yourself the crowd of folks i was in.)  The line to purchase our victory, if you call more brown, black, and grey, flip flops that, wrapped around the entire store.  I was lucky to get a spot some where in the middle, and waited an hour for my turn. (we came away with 8 pairs total) Was it worth it, no way.  But, it was an experience my kids and I will not soon forget.  I mean,  we saw crazy people, the police, firemen, and even had a women ask Gavin to buy her another 5 pairs of flip flops, all before noon.  What more do you want from a saturday morning?  Cartoons and cereal are way too played out.......

Monday, May 25, 2009

More Posting to Come

First of all, Happy Memorial Day!  I will most definitely be enjoying some yummy BBQ today! Also, I have several post ideas running around my head, but no time to actually put them in print.  You'll have to wait till after the holiday to read what I've got, but I'll give you a little teaser on one........... crazy, ghetto, flip flop madness................  Have a great day!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday's Find

Oh yeah!  You know where I'll be on Saturday!  Buying flip flops for only $1.00 at Old Navy!!!!!   (I thought of you Stef!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hit and Run

I was the unfortunate participant in an automotive hit and run today.  As I was cruising down Devries road, on my way home from Lodi, **SMACK**, bird to the windshield!!  I looked back in my rearview mirror only to see the lifeless little fella fall from the sky and hit the pavement. I'm sorry little birdie, but I do believe you are headed to that great big bird bath in the sky.  Oh, and little bird, I apologize for scaring the crap out of you..... literally!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Milestone

A few weeks ago I realized something....... my daughter is now six years old and still has the training wheels on her bike!  This needed to change.  I took her out, stripped the bike of it's two extra wheels, and away we went.  Well sort of.  While she did an excellent job (I think I let go for a whole 30 seconds), we decided it may be best to try another time, when some of us were not so frustrated. That brings us to today.  Once again we pulled out the now two wheeled bike, and got down to the nitty gritty.  To my surprise, after about 30 seconds of me holding on (a complete opposite of our last try), she had it!!!  Makayla is officially free of her training wheels! Of coarse she had to run into the house to tell daddy, who came out to cheer her on, and be in ALL the pictures.  Umm, hello, was I not the one out here in 100 degree weather doing the "teaching"?  It was a great feeling of accomplishment for every one...... and of coarse it is all she wants to do now!  

Old Mother Hubbord

Last week the kindergartners at Makayla's school put on their annual Mother Goose Play.  It was seriously the cutest thing ever!!! Makayla had he part of the Hatter in Old Mother Hubbord. (as you will remember from my "fancy hat" post a while back)  She did such a great job and had a ton of fun!!
One of Makayla's future jobs for when she grows up is being "a girl who sells stuff at a shop." Look at that customer service as she sells Old Mother Hubbord a hat.  She doesn't even ask why the crazy old lady is buying a pink cowboy hat for her dog.  I think she'll do just great in her occupation choice.
So, honorable mention has to go to Jack and Jill.  One because they are so stinking cute, and two because I just love the way Jack is "falling" on his crown there.  Not exactly how I've imagined it all these years, but a delightful interpretation.
The finale consisted of all the kindergartners singing I'm a Little Teapot.  One problem.... they were so crammed in there like little sardines, there was not enough room for the arm motions. We ended up with a bunch of handleless, and spout-less teapots.  But nice smile Makayla!
Makayla and her friend since preschool, Haley. (from Hey Diddle Diddle)
Makayla and Isabella (she also goes to church with us.)
Mrs Roberts has been the most amazing Kindergarten teacher!!  Makayla absolutely adores her, and I'm glad I was able to work in the classroom, seeing first hand how great she is with the kids!!
It was a fun day, after the play we stopped by Makayla's class for an open house, and after that.... because we are such cool parents.... we took Makayla out of school early and went to John's Incredible Pizza Company.  I mean nothing says good job like all you can it pizza....