Friday, October 9, 2009

blog shmog

So there was this time when I was posting a new blog entry every day. I was on a roll..... that roll stopped after about a week. I guess I wasn't as committed as I thought. We are alive and well here in the Casper house hold how ever. Headed out to Disneyland in just a few, and just maybe my vacation will give me some inspiration for future blog posts..... but then again, I'm willing to bet the only thing I will be getting out of this vacation is a whole lot of laundry.

till next time my friends


  1. I'm not really sure this even counts as a post. Have fun in Disneyland....again.

  2. What kind of attitude is that? My goodness. We need some real updates! Get back on the blogging wagon!!

    Have fun in Disneyland. What a great time of year to go - with everything decorated for Halloween - awesome! I hope you take pictures and blog about it when you get home! =o)

  3. dont worry about not blogging (is that a word?) more important to do the things that are blog worthy than to actually blog about it... Have fun at disneyland! Grab Captain Jack Sparrows bum for me.. or Tarzans...