Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas.....

....... are my two front teeth!!!!

Passing the blame.... and a little something else

So as I perused the isles of walmart yesterday, I came across this quit awkward/gross encounter. Now I live in Stockton Ca, I don't think I have to really explain to you the "walmart cliental" to much. Just try and use your imagination. So here I am, headed straight for an isle where a, lets say larger gentleman not very concerned with appearance or hygiene, is walking with his teenage son and infant baby in the cart. As I close in on them, disheveled W.T. father shouts to son (who is now out of listening range), "Baby's got gas today." It's to late for me, I'm a gonner. I am now standing where said gassy baby just was, and let me tell you, little baby's with their stomaches full of nothing but milk DO NOT smell like that. Ewe, ewe gross! I about died! Now, I must admit, I am not perfect. (shocker, I know) I have once or twice been known to blame my child for some rather embarrassing moments. But never, I mean never, have I smelled like slim jims and cheese...... Oh, and merry Christmas !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Sunday

Christmas sunday already? That means Christmas is only a few days away..... what the heck am I doing on the computer? I've got stuff to do man..........

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Party

Makayla had a "winter party" (winter, because there are a couple of kids who don't celebrate Christmas) today at school, and I was able to go and help out. They had lot's of fun singing Christmas songs with their music teacher, piano solos from a couple of the kids who take lessons, Christmas stories, yummy goodies, and Christmas crafts.... (sounds like a CHRISTMAS party to me, but whatever). After lunch, Makayla was able to hand out the treats we had made for her friends the night before. She even decided not to go home early with me so that she could hand them out personally, instead of putting them in the kid's cubbies. Me? I would of chosen to leave school early.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa's Magic Potion

Tonight Makayla and I put together Christmas gifts for her classmates. We put a packet of hot cocoa, a peppermint stick, and a hershey kiss together in a little bag. The note on the front read " Santa's Magic Potion. Pour this cocoa in a mug. And with hot water mix: Then drop in the magic Kiss. And stir with the candy stick! From, Makayla." (by the way, I totally just typed that for memory) She is combined throughout the day with another first grade class, so we made 44 in all. She can't wait to pass them out at her class party tomorrow!

5 months in 5 minutes (more or less)

So, some may wonder, "What ever happened to that nice Casper family? They had such wonderful blog entries. Full of wit and charm, not to mention those cute kids...." Well I'm here to say, wonder no longer, cause I'm back!! (For tonight anyway) My have the summer and fall been busy. I would love to spend hours on end catching up on all the wonderful things I have done, seen, and photographed, but lets face it, I'm just not that into it!!! So, how about a list? I'll use bullets and every thing..... here we go

*Drove to Utah with Makayla, my friend Emily and her two kids.
- Visited my sis, Karen in Logan
- Fireworks, dinosaur park, four wheeling, shopping, Ice age 3, twine huts, swimming, fishing, gellato, horse back riding, hot dogs, hot dogs, hot dogs!
- Visited Christianne Casper (Jason's cousins wife... got it?)
- Movies in the theater room, way too much popcorn, glitter toes, laying out, permanent eyeliner done in front of a whole class.
*New Kids on the Block concert with Misty!!!! (and yes it rocked!!!)
*New Malones Lake for 5 days with the Collumbers. (lazy days on the boat, now that's a vacation!)
*Disneyland. Got home just in time for the next one on our list.....
*Makayla's first day of first grade. Yay for full days of school now!

*Jason and his BFF Kurt ran a 50 mile race! And they survived!!!!
*Lots of boating!!

*Rainbow Pools. Heck yes I jumped off that ginormous rock into the water!
*Gavin's first day of pre school. Awww, he's such a big boy now.
*Girls weekend in Tahoe!!!!!!
-Shopping at Galleria, s'mores at the village, snobby pilots, bike riding along the Truckee river, lots and lots of ice cream, tons of laughing, million dollar pizza, and maybe a little bit of gossip....
*Makayla starts soccer.

*Disneyland. Love Halloween time there! (and any other time for that matter)
*Grandama Bergstrom's 90th birthday/ reunion.
-Wicked in S.F. with the girls, Karen here, family pictures, John's Incredible Pizza co., everyone at my place for Sunday dinner..... that's right, all 40 people at my lil casa, Apple Hill.
*Carving pumpkins, painting pumpkins, going to the pumpkin patch, (basically all things pumpkiny)
*Halloween (I will post pictures of my Corpse Bride and Dash shortly...... or not)

*Decorating the Christmas trees at the car Wash.
*Won a trip to the Thunder hockey game, dropped the puck, and Makayla rode on the zambonie. (such a fun word to say)
*Saw Twilight New Moon at midnight with a group of friends all pretending we were 17 again.... late nights just aren't the same when you're almost 30 and own 2 small children.
*Gobble Gobble.... turkey day
*Jason's 10 year high school reunion and my high school reunion.... it seems like just yesterday that I was skipping class, doing cheers, and forging my parents signature. Has it been 10 years already???

*Disneyland (don't act surprised when you read that, you had to see it coming.....)
*Jason's 29th b-day

And here we are. The middle of December. Probably the most busy I've been all year and I decide now would be a good idea to sit down and do some blogging. I hope no one fell asleep in the middle of this monstrous post, I nodded off only twice.... but I'm awake now and on a roll. Three cheers for blogging leading to the neglect of my children, husband, and home.