Sunday, March 14, 2010

"The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful." -E.E. Cummings

So, this is what little boys do on Saturday mornings. Nice! And the boots, they are completely full of mud.

Cupcakes for breakfast?

You better believe it!!!! I am a fan of the "pebbles" cereals. I love Cocoa Pebbles, and use Fruity Pebbles to make the most awesome rice crispy treats. So you can imagine my suprise/excitement when I saw a commercial the other day for new Cupcake Pebbles. Needless to say, there was a box in our cupboard the very next day. Now I'm not crazy about sugary cereals for breakfast, but for a mid day snack, you better believe it!!!! Curious as to how yummy they were? Now, a lot of things sound good in theory, so cupcake flavored cereal could wind up tasting, well, like cardboard...... but let me assure you, they were amazeing! Have you ever had the cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone? It's pretty much the cereal version of that! I am definitely hooked. Move over marshmallow Froot Loops, (another odd sounding, yet way too yummy cereal) there's a new sugar filled snack in town. Oh, and the kids thought it was good too.

A little something for the both of us.......

On Wednesday, March 10th, Jason and I celebrated our 9 year anniversary. We had decided that since we had just taken a week long cruise in February, and then another trip to Napa last weekend, we would just count those as our "anniversary celebration". It's a good thing my husband knows me and my "girl language", because he was totally able to read through the lines when I said "No need for gifts this year"..... and he bought me gifts :)

Oh how I love these pink bags. Who doesn't?! So, Jason hands me my gift, with a little smirk, and says "A little something for the both of us"....... in front of our children!!!!! Ummm, really? Now I have a 6 and 3 year old trying to tear into my "for the both of us" gift, and I'm not liking were this is headed. I can only imagine the questions and the damage that will be done. "Why are your panties smaller than mine mommy? Why is there a hole there mommy? What do you do with that mommy?" Seriously Jason? What were you thinking giving this to me in front of my kids?? Now they have begun chanting... "Open it. Open it. Open it." Ok, here we go.......

Oh, perfume and lotion! Thanks, hun! I love it.