Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to boating season!!

Well, boating season is now upon us.  There is nothing better than a day with the family out on the water, eating pb&j sandwiches (family tradition... wonder where that one started? Stef?), soaking up the sun, and being as lazy as possible!
So, out on the Delta there is this huge, what used to be a ferry, all rusted and busted up.  I like to refer to it as the "ghost ship".  It is kind of creepy, with broken glass windows and plastic curtains blowing in the air.  

Now, a boys life just wouldn't be complete without exploring every floating hunk of junk they came across out on the water.  So, yes, with shoes held high above their heads, Jason and his friend Kurt swam over and took a look inside.  I only hoped everyone was up to date on their tetanus shots.
They look pretty tiny up on top of that boat.... told you it was huge!
After all the "fun", we headed to Garlic Brothers for dinner... yum!!  Another favorite tradition! Oh, and just a warning to all of you out there in blogger land.... this is sure to be the first of many boating blog entries this summer.  Hey, it's what we do.


  1. That ghost ship is totally freaky!

  2. Love it! Can't wait to get out there with you guys! We NEED to go boating. =o) The whole PB&J must have started with us - Wes and his double sided PB and little bit of J. =o) Awesome! Can't wait for it to get HOT!

  3. So how come you guys didn't just drive up to the thing? Why was there a need for swimming and shoe holding? Did the boys jump off? Some many holes Brenda... so many holes...

  4. let us know if you need any extra bodies to weigh down the boat... we would be happy to help ;-)

  5. Stef- I think it all started in Hawaii, side of the road, pointing at non existent creatures in the tree......
    Karen- Look at the pictures again, there is no way our boat was getting close to that thing! Rust, glass, slime, ewe! No they did not jump off. Remember, we're in the Delta, like 2 feet deep. That would have been not so good.
    Kat- Any time... I'll give you a call!