Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jumping Jacks

I am trying to work out lately, eat right, and all that good stuff, since summer and all that it has to offer (namely swim suits) seems to be in my very near future.  Oh winter laziness, comfort food, and layered clothing, you were not kind to my....... *ahem*.  This brings us to last night.  My day was very busy, Target, working in Makayla's class, doctor appointment, Target again.  I had no time to burn any of the those pesky calories waiting to turn into fat cells and subsequently dimples on my rear.  I read online that doing about 780 jumping jacks should burn 100 calories.  I was up for the challenge.  I tucked my kiddos in bed for the night, turned on the Kardashians, and started the jumping.  The first 50 flew by.  The second 50, well I wouldn't say they flew, but they did leave me with this incredible feeling that I may indeed pee my pants at any moment.  Took a bathroom break.  Started jumping.  Had to pee.  Almost peed.  Squeezed to hold in my pee so hard I am now doing kegals with my jumping  jacks. ( 2 birds 1 stone right?) Arms are sore, thighs are sore, (witch I love because that means they are getting worked), calves are hurting.  Uh-oh, calves are getting tight.... seizing.... cramping..... I think 300 jumping jacks is plenty.  At least it felt like I burned a million calories!   We'll just pretend I did.  Tomorrow, back to walking, that doesn't make me have to pee my pants!!

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