Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pink Party

Makayla had her 6th birthday party at our house on Friday March 13th.  The theme.... Pink!  The invitations were pink, The decorations were pink, all the treats and cake were pink, her friends even wore pink.  (Any guesses as to what Makayla's favorite is??)  We had a great time!  Nine girls were here for pizza, movie, and lots and lots of playing.  At the end of the party, after putting on the makeup Makayla got for a gift, the girls put on a "fashion show."  (I was at the end of the runway taking pictures.)  All in all, a fun night, and very easy going.  No stress, just how I like it!


  1. Those first two pictures are beyond amazing! =) They turned out really nice!

    So fun!

  2. Okay - she CAN'T be 6 yet! She's getting SO big. She's like a little young lady. Unbelievable!