Thursday, April 23, 2009

It just makes sense... right?

When my kids are hungry we go to the kitchen, get some food, and they eat it.  The result? Not hungry any more.  When they are bored, I send them to get a toy.  When they are tired, they go to bed.  When Gavin has to go pee I tell him to go to the bathroom..... no Gavin, not in your underwear, I said to the bathroom... no Gavin, not on the tile, go to the toilet.  No Gavin, that's not the toilet that's the lawn.... seriously?!! I hate potty training!!!  I feel like I'm being "punk'd" with this whole process.  It's really not that complex.  I'm not asking the 2 year old to perform brain surgery, just simply walk to the bathroom and sit on the toilet when you've got to go.  It makes sense to me!


  1. Me too! We're actually learning about potty training right now in my pediatric class. They said boys are way harder than girls and some of them don't get it down until 4 years old! Sorry that's not very encouraging huh?! Don't worry he won't pee on the lawn forever! :) Love ya!

  2. P.S we need to talk about So. Cal! I'll call you this weekend...

  3. I love it. I am going through the same thing with Mallory. She's been "half" potty trained for a year now. She just won't stop peeing in her diaper! I can't get her to just sit on the toilet when she has to pee. I really need to break down and keep her naked all day and see if that changes anything. The pullups are a joke - it feels just like a diaper to her and she doesn't feel any different in it. Oh well. I can relate!

  4. Karen you are so wrong...boys never outgrow peeing on the lawn! =)

    Well, all I can say is that I am glad that it is you and not me. We are all house broken here at the Brandow home.

    He'll get it, eventually! =)