Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can see your horns.....

This picture should have been my first clue.  Gavin, who had just turned 2, decided to go into the fridge and get a drink for him self.  But not milk or apple juice like most other toddlers, he was headed for the good stuff, chocolate syrup... straight from the bottle!  Of coarse I found the whole situation kind of funny and got some pictures.  I mean, lets be honest, who doesn't want to suck down a bottle of chocolate every now and again.  Unfortunately I am laughing no longer.  In the past week, and I am talking every day this week, Gavin has managed to get is hands into the following: Vaseline, globs of it all over the carpet, clothes, my full length mirror, and himself.  Chapstick, broken up all over the carpet, and drawn with all over the sliding glass door.  KY, (lol) in his hair, on his whole body, again on the mirror, on my dresser, and smeared all over my black satin comforter.  Cool whip, hair, body, face, carpet, and tile.  A&D ointment, on the binky, and all over him. (this one was especially nice, as it was at 4:30 IN THE MORNING!)  That same night, as I went to bed, I found 8-9 hershey kiss wrappers in the hallway.  Sunscreen spray, well, my walls and tile won't be getting burned any time soon.  And this brings us to today....  Gavin does not like the cookie part of an ice cream sandwich, so I usually take it off for him.. I suppose he felt confident that he could do it himself.  Not so much!!!  Now he has ice cream sandwich on him, the tile, two different counters, and the cupboards.  Need less to say, it's been a messy week!  Were did my sweet angel of  baby boy go? Apparently, for the time being, he has left the building! 


  1. Amazing that you have any hair left on your head. If it was me, I would have pulled it all out by now. Oh Gavin .. what a sweetheart. =o) Time to start letting him sleep, eat and play outside! =o)

  2. Go Gavin...I love it! =) I'm always excited to hear what is next with the Gavster!