Thursday, January 28, 2010

Nice shoes... Thanks... The end

Trying to kill time this morning before the mall opened I decided to treat myself to a tall non-fat hot chocolate with caramel at Starbucks. (yum) As I waited patiently in line for said beverage to be prepared, the young lady to my right looked down and said to me
"I like your shoes."
I know what you're thinking. Pretty boring, definitely not worth blogging about right? Well, that's where you'd be wrong my friends. The conversation with this stranger continued....
"They look comfortable." (remember, we're talking about my choice of foot wear)
"Yup. They are."
"I have to wear comfortable shoes for my job. I'm working with kids all day so I can't be wearing heels. I had to go to an interview the other day and wore heels then went to work and the girl asked me can I wear your shoes and I looked at her and said, uh, no."
"What girl?"
"One of the kids, she wanted to wear my shoes."
"Oh." Notice my short responses.... usually this makes people uncomfortable and go away.... no such luck here.
"I like my job but I'd really like to pass my tests so I can become a real teacher. I'm good at the english part but the math is where it gets me. Math is not my thing, I can't seem to pass that part."
"Math is not my favorite either."
"My brother is pre-law at Brown and called me the other day to rub it in my face. He was like, I'm the smart one and the favorite one, how are you? And I told him, yeah well when is the last time you got laid? Sometimes you've just got to put them in their place, you know?"
"Uh, yeah. I guess." Oh please, please, please, let my drink be ready. At this point I'll take it cold, anything, just get me away from the crazy chick.
Oh that's me. That's my drink! I get to go!!! Yay!
I use this post as kind of a public service announcement of sorts. Complements to strangers are kind, usually any more than hat is just plain creepy. Oh, and also, pulling greasy hair back into a pony tail does not make the grease go away.... fyi.

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