Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cabo San Lucas

Why did I choose this cruise? Because I wanted to got to Cabo. Why did I want to go to Cabo? Because I wanted to see this rock. Why did I want to see this rock? I have no idea.... but I'm glad I did.
Cabo was our last port, and a great day to spend all alone with my hubby. We took a water taxi out to lovers beach. We saw a seal habitat, tons a pelicans, cool rock formations, whales, and then spent a couple hours on the beach. After, we walked around town, shopped, found an internet cafe because Jason was going through withdrawals I think, and rented a jet-skis. So much fun!!!!
There is a whale in this picture, i swear!

Funny story, or gross.... depends who you are. On a small beach, that is pretty much an island, with no place to um, pee, what do you do? Hello, you squat behind a huge rock! And what happens to sand after a steady stream of..... you know....... there becomes a little hole. And what lives in little sand holes? Yes, sandcrabs. Imagine my surprise after I pee and uncover this little beauty. I can definitely say I've never had that happen before.

So, I guess I should just start calling him superman now.

You gotta love Mexico. The beaches, the ocean, the children playing with beer bottles....

Umm, hello scary gun man. It truly scares the pants off me that the police in Mexico carry this kind of artillery. I won't be caught jaywalking around here. And why did I feel the need to take a picture with la policia? Don't know, but he was pretty happy about it, I wasn't sure if that was his gun or he was just happy to see me. Seriously, he was squeezing him some Brenda in this shot!

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