Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christmas morning

Yeah, I know it's May.... you got a problem with that? No? O.k. then, feel free to keep reading.

Big toys like a Barbie Bus may seem like a good idea, until you realize there is assembly required, sticker application, and the problem of where to store this huge toy. Makayla loved it though. Thanks Santa.

Gavin had a blast playing with his Woody all morning.... (sorry, I couldn't resist)

Christmas candy for breakfast is an excellent idea for a 3 year old!!!

I'm pretty sure this kid did not get enough stuff! I couldn't even fit half of it in the picture.

Next, we were off to Fremont to celebrate with the Caspers.

Makayla loved her new Liv doll......
She however did not love the fact that her little bother emptied her new buildabear stuffing out all over the carpet.

I love the hollidays! I can't wait for next Christmas. Maybe I'll even blog about it while we're in the same season. What an idea. :)

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