Thursday, December 2, 2010


So this thought came to me today as I was getting all squeaky clean in the shower. (to much info?) My thought was this.... I often think to myself , "Is my life all that I want it to be, or that it could be? Am I fulfilled?" Yes I am an awful sort of person who occasionally thinks to herself "Is this it?" Kids, cleaning, kids, cleaning, kids.... you get the idea. I often feel, maybe I should have done more before all the kids and cleaning. Maybe a career. A college degree. A.... well, something, fulfilling. You know? So this is the thought I had. My house, FULL of stuff. My scrapbook cabinet, FULL of scrapbooking stuff. Closet, FULL of clothes, kids rooms FULL of toys, pantry FULL of food. My garage is FULL of crap, the couch is FULL of crumbs, and my trunk.... totally FULL of junk. (you know what trunk I'm talking about) My mind, is forever FULL of things that need to be done, and my facebook page is FULL of friends, well people, don't know how I know some of them, but they're there. My nail polish/makeup/hair stuff/lotion cupboard, way to FULL. And my dvr, FULL of addictive tv. Are you getting the picture here? Things seem to be pretty full over here. Don't really know what more is missing. Well, maybe one thing.... my tummy just told me it was lunch time. Better go FILL 'er up.

p.s. If you were waiting for the family full of love part of this, you'll just have to keep waiting. So not my style to go all mushy on ya. Lets just say it is implied....


  1. Aw man! I was waiting for a "tummy full of baby!" in there! Have another! So then there could be more kids, more cleaning, more kids .. it'll be fun!

  2. I too thought you were going to annouce a new Casper coming in the new year 2011.

    You sound very full in all things.